The Brand

In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, we asked ourselves:

"What makes a man truly authentic?".

The answer is simple, but powerful: the ability to embrace one's essence by retracing one's history in a contemporary key.

From this question was born BRNM-MAN, a menswear brand that celebrates authenticity, simplicity, individuality and tradition.

The brand has two souls that merge, making the style that distinguishes it unmistakable.

"The Essential", timeless style for every occasion.

"Break Rules Never Mind", rebellious and unconventional dynamism.

The collection

Garments designed to experience the city in a bold and dynamic way with a contemporary style inspired by the constantly evolving digital universe. The collection was born from the search for new materials and interventions on clean bases, creating garments suitable for free time and lightheartedness.

A never banal image designed for those who do not adapt to fashion but seek a new form of functional and never predictable style.

Each BRNM-MAN garment is designed to be the ideal partner of the modern man, offering timeless style for every occasion. From essential cuts to sophisticated details, each piece reflects our commitment to essentiality without sacrificing elegance.

Particular attention was given to the world of accessories with an important focus on leather.